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Face to face gathering is an excellent way to gain real-time-in-the-moment opinions


Let our team of insights friendly and knowledgable interviewers gather important information about your audience 


In person intercept interviews


Intercept surveys are a type of data collection method that is used together experiences during or after an event has happened.


During an intercept survey, the interviewer may approach a patron to ask about their experience at the event, facility, restaurant or shopping experience. Results from the intercept surveys allow you to obtain feedback from their target audience while the information is still fresh in their minds.


INsight Station provides In Person interview services for the following:



Trade Shows

Sporting Events

Chapter Events

Shopping malls


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Our services include:


Mystery Shopping 


Mystery shopping is a research tool where we schedule local experienced mystery shoppers to visit a business or event location, attending as a typical attendee.


A research specialist is then instructed to carefully and objectively observe and grade staff and property per your performance standards.

Some metrics and media can be captured either, online or over phone interactions, depending on the type of mystery service.


Each Advanced Feedback mystery shopper report gives you a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of sales and service. Results are tabulated into detailed analytics to help you monitor and manage the operations. 


Our Mystery shopping services include:


Physical retail locations,

Call center environments

Online services.



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